CODI-DISRPT 2021: Shared Task on Discourse Processing across Formalisms

Call for participation: DISRPT 2021 - Shared Task on Discourse Relation Parsing and Treebanking In conjunction with CODI 2021, EMNLP 2021 - 10-11 Nov. 2021 This year, we are organizing DISRPT 2021 as a shared task on discourse processing across formalisms, for a variety of languages and genres. It is the second iteration of a cross-formalism shared task on discourse analysis, with three subtasks this year: * Task 1: discourse segmentation, * Task 2: connective identification * Task 3: relation classification. We will provide training, development and test datasets from all available languages in RST, SDRT, and PDTB, using a uniform format. Because different corpora, languages, and frameworks use different guidelines, the shared task will promote the design of flexible methods for dealing with various guidelines, and will help to push forward the discussion of converging standards for discourse units. For datasets which have treebanks, we will evaluate segmentation in two different scenarios: with and without gold syntax. An automatically parsed version is provided for all corpora without a gold parse. **Shared Task Data and Formats** Data for the shared task is released via GitHub together with format documentation and tools: See here for more information about the previous 2019 shared task:
Dominican Republic
Mikel Iruskieta