OpeNER hackathon in Amsterdam.

2013/07/01 to 2013/07/02
A Hackathon took place 1st and 2nd of July. The Hackathon word stands for “Hacking Marathon”, and its purpose is to introduce some technology or software toolkit to the attendees, and let then “play” and develop ideas around it. In this case the OpeNER project partners made an API available to users as a Web service. Users where capable of calling the different methods and work with the results, to develop small but original applications along the day. More than 50 people spent the day programming, interchanging ideas and, why not, having fun. It was a wonderful experience and a very nice time, as many messages in Twitter confirm. By the end of the day, almost 10 different original ideas were shown, and prices were given to the most voted ones. Congratulations to the winners! Some of these ideas were employed in the End User Advisory Board to illustrate the functionality of the OpeNER technology.