Deskribapen laburra: 
Dictionary system integrated into the Word 2000 text-processor.
Egileak (ixakideak): 
This plug-in allows the user to consult the bilingual Spanish-Basque Elhuyar dictionary while working with the Microsoft Word 2000 text-processor. It contains three main modules: lemmatizers for both Spanish and Basque, and a bilingual dictionary. When the user selects a word-form in the text, all its possible combination of lemma and part of speech are shown and also their corresponding equivalent in the other language.
The resulting tool is more than a pure consultation at the dictionary, because often it is not obvious which is the entry corresponding to a word-form. For example, in a printed dictionary we should look up the entry for the irregular verb.
Aplikazioaren gune nagusia Visual Basic lengoaian dago programatuta.
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